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Time-Line computer Archive Ltd is a not for profit company, our aim is to collect, restore and exhibit all types of early computers and electronics.

We hope that our website will give an insight to the development of computing and will help give inspiration to other people to collect rather than throw out historical electronics.

We also would like to make a record of peoples experiences of early Computing and Electronics primarily from Scotland and the North of England but also from Great Britain generally. If you have any Experiences of early computing or Electronics please don't hesitate to contact us.

Texas Instruments Breadboard System

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Texas Instruments 73 series flat pack logic and breadboarding system.









DTL Flat Pack Logic

(Diode-transistor logic)








All the DTL flat pack logic chips date to 1966

A datasheet can be found on the (Vintchip.com) website (LINK to Datasheet)


I C Carriers & Accessories










Extract from the Texas Instruments Breadboarding manual, giving an Introduction to the system

The BN444 and BN440 have been devised to provide facilities for rapid breadboarding of integrated circuits subsystems.

They enable the user to check out both digital or analogue designs by plugging the appropriate network into the patchboard and making connections with plug-in leads.

They are especially suitable for schools and colleges for teaching logic where the appropriate logic gates can be connected to give a practical layout of Boolean expression and for logic designers to rapidly simulate any

digital or analogue system.














Frank Lund, alongside the Logic breadboarding system

he rescued back in the 70's.